Friday, 25 February 2011

6 months

To celebrate being 6 months old I had a visit to Airedale Hospital and the paediatrician.
The visit was brought forward thanks to the insistence of the Health Visitor who was somewhat concerned about my large eyes.

The paediatrician referred me to an eye specialist who took one look at my eyes and said I have congenital glaucoma and will need an operation on both my eyes to help correct them. I am waiting for an appointment to see the specialists at Manchester Eye Hospital which should be next week.

I also have to have several blood tests, a urine test, a MRI scan and a Barium Swallow.


  1. Poor little ba. It must be worrying having all these tests, but I suppose at least they're looking into it.

    Will the operation completely fix the Glaucoma? I know the Nystagmus is another issue though.

    Hope the little man gets sorted.

  2. Glaucoma appears to be a very varied thing, he may get away with just one operation or we could be in for many more in a short space of time.