Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weight check

Jusrt in case anyone is interested, I now weigh 7.2kg which is 15lb 13 in old money!! Only on the 2nd centile but good enough for my parents for now!

Also forgot to mention that I met another boy with CG at the hospital. He lives in Leeds but didn't get diagnosed till after his 1st birthday. Please think of Archie as he has had 2 ops now and needs his first doing again and has stitches in his eye- ouch.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Anaesthetic - pah!

Well that was certainly an interesting experience! My EUA- examination under anaesthetic-  was supposed to be only under gas anaesthetic as i'm so difficult to canulise(?) but eye doc wasn't happy because of it giving false pressure readings.

So I was given oral meds for hr and half later I decided to give in and fall asleep ..... for half an hr!! Then was topped up with midazolam which didn't work so they ended up using a smaller dose of the gas to put me under anyway. by which time we'd been at the hosp 6hrs and I was starving hungry- so was mummy. (Daddy was at home with Luke as he has a bad cold- daddy that is...not Luke)

The good news is-  my pressure readings were fine no drops required . I came round really quickly and had 9oz of milk. Mummy found out that some sedatives have the opposite effect - it's called paradoxical effect!! Everyone at the hospital was certainly amazed that I managed to stay awake after 2 lots of sedation.

 Next stop orthoptics and optometry!! which apparently means i get tested to see if i need glasses.

All this and it was my big brother's 3rd birthday today. Never a dull moment in the Doveston household!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stirling Moss...who's he??

Everyone i've seen recently is mightily pleased with my progress.
I can now crawl (like lightning my mummy says), I am standing whenever humanly possible and even trying to walk. I'm still not keen on laying on my back (understatement) and prefer to be on my tummy rather than sitting up.
I am now eating proper food although it's still mush. I have tried finger food but not keen yet. I'm also resisting using a cup but I have had a lot of change lately.
I still hate bright light but I gather that mummy has ordered a cover for the buggy that hopefully will help with that so i can enjoy the great outdoors.
Next hurdle is my EUA ( examination under anaesthetic) on Friday where they will check and see how my eyes are doing after my ops.
Oh and I've got 2 teeth!! Is there no stopping me???? ;-)

Update and then some!

Well mummy worked out that i've had 19 appointments since December and that doesn't count all the times i was taken to the local doctor!
I've met 11 different professionals- pediatrician,  2 pediatric opthalmologists, dietician, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, 2 speech and language ladies, 2 ladies from the Visual Impairment team and my health visitor. Wow i'm popular!!