Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stirling Moss...who's he??

Everyone i've seen recently is mightily pleased with my progress.
I can now crawl (like lightning my mummy says), I am standing whenever humanly possible and even trying to walk. I'm still not keen on laying on my back (understatement) and prefer to be on my tummy rather than sitting up.
I am now eating proper food although it's still mush. I have tried finger food but not keen yet. I'm also resisting using a cup but I have had a lot of change lately.
I still hate bright light but I gather that mummy has ordered a cover for the buggy that hopefully will help with that so i can enjoy the great outdoors.
Next hurdle is my EUA ( examination under anaesthetic) on Friday where they will check and see how my eyes are doing after my ops.
Oh and I've got 2 teeth!! Is there no stopping me???? ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Great progress! Oddly Isaac hates lying on his belly. Always has and has no inclination to roll or try to move around. He's happiest when sat on his mum or dads knee getting lots of attention ;o)