Thursday, 24 March 2011

Post Op news

After my first eye operation I am positively perky and my mum swears that I am able to see far more now. Bring on the next eye op if that is the case!

The eye operated on looks almost half the size of my other eye which is still waiting for an op. Goes to show that mums know best about their babies health!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

22nd March 2011

Big day today! My first operation to help with my Glaucoma. The examination of both eyes went well as did the operation on my left eye. The surgeon was very optimistic afterwards.

There appears to be no damage to the cornea and therefore my sight will not be affected as badly as first thought. I probably will still have sight problems though but only time will tell as to how bad.

It has also been positive news about the rear of my eyes and we should hopefully have a better understanding after Fridays post op appointment.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hospital dates

My operation was cancelled as I caught a cold which has gone to my chest making it dangerous for me to be put under anethesia.

The eye specialist at Calderdale has rung and arranged for me to see him 17th March and has provisionally booked me in for my first op on the 22nd March. Whether something was lost in translation or not he upset my Mummy by saying that I may lose what sight I have left if they don't operate soon. Strange as they couldn't find a full crew for the op to go ahead last week despite the importance!

Today we received a letter from the LGI asking for my parents to get in touch with my details so they can book me in for a MRI scan which is to see if there are any other problems in my head.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Eye Nystagmus

Here is some video footage of me just over 6 months old showing my large corneas and my eye nystagmus.

Admitted and then not

After seeing the Opthalmological Paediatrician (that's easy for me to say!) at Calderdale Royal I was admitted into hospital and put on different medication. After a while day on the new meds I have improved greatly showing that I must have been in quite a bit of discomfort for the past few months.

I am now spending more awake time playing and exploring though I'm not impressed when my meds are being administered!

As a result of the improvement I was allowed home for the weekend though I need to return on Monday evening so I'm available for my pre-op checks. My first operation is on Tuesday 8th March 2011.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Found out today that there isn't room for me at Manchester so I'm being taken to Calderdale Royal tomorrow.

1st March 2011

Second visit to Airedale Hospital today to see the Pediatrician who managed to get some blood for the important tests required. Though not enough for all the tests so I will need to go back sometime soon.