Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hospital dates

My operation was cancelled as I caught a cold which has gone to my chest making it dangerous for me to be put under anethesia.

The eye specialist at Calderdale has rung and arranged for me to see him 17th March and has provisionally booked me in for my first op on the 22nd March. Whether something was lost in translation or not he upset my Mummy by saying that I may lose what sight I have left if they don't operate soon. Strange as they couldn't find a full crew for the op to go ahead last week despite the importance!

Today we received a letter from the LGI asking for my parents to get in touch with my details so they can book me in for a MRI scan which is to see if there are any other problems in my head.

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  1. Just catching up on blogs today. I know the first op went well so i'm a bit late commenting on this one.

    I'm sure his next op will go well too.